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Sherry Smith 3CT

We talk.

Together we define the What and Why, then draft an understanding of the services you’re seeking and what 3CT can deliver.

We talk again, tweak, and reach an agreement on When. It’s that simple.

Contact us today to get started.


"We have had the opportunity to work with Sherry on a couple occasions. The last consultation was in 2009. As a consultant, Sherry evaluated our services with a critical eye and provided an extensive review along with a prioritized list of recommendations. All improvements implemented were based on her report and this report continues to be a valuable reference document to this day.

Sherry's experience allows her to provide valuable insight on how to improve operations and internal processes that will improve the customer experience. Sherry continues to be an excellent advisor to the organization and is always willing to respond to our questions and provide other resources that could assist."


Diane Legault, RN
Director of Operations
Sykes Assistance Services

Todd Aldrich, MHA
Vice President, Telehealth Operations and Client Relations
Sykes Assistance Services