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Call Center Consulting Team
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The team delivers “hands on” expertise from working both in-and-with every aspect of healthcare call center operations and leadership. We work with:

  • All scopes and sizes: from community hospitals to national, for-profit contact centers, health plans and vendors
  • All roles: strategic planning, scalability, nursing, management, telecom, HR and staffing concerns

We understand the unique challenges of healthcare call centers and apply industry knowledge to improve performance and ROI for your sponsoring organization.


"I asked Sherry to provide us with a critical assessment of the key operations in our company with an eye towards LEAN. That evaluation led to a project plan for streamlining our call processes, identifying waste and eliminating duplication with systems enhancements. She provided us with interim leadership guidance to establish project plans and bring a higher level of managerial discipline to our organization. I appreciate the intelligent and practical approach she provided in our consulting arrangement which has helped us to scale the business and reduce staffing costs by 18%!"
Michael Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
On Call International
Salem, NH