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sherry smith 3ct

3CT focuses on the needs of our call/contact center clients in their specific environment.

Whether its implementation, staffing, operations, quality, technology or management… we analyze and develop solutions to those unique challenges and opportunities.

Our clients consider us industry experts able to assist with:

  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Program design.
  • Appropriate use of unlicensed staff in a health call center.
  • Full implementation services.
  • Project Management.
  • Vender evaluations - RFPs.
  • Customer service assessments.
  • URAC and NCQA preparation.


"BerylHealth has maintained a good relationship with Sherry over the years.  She has provided us consulting services and advice in the areas of call center technologies and clinical software platforms, due diligence work, business modeling and process optimization.  Her work and industry connections allow her a unique perspective regarding current trends and activities in the marketplace."
Lance Shipp
Chief Operating Officer
The Beryl Companies
Bedford, TX