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Telecom Selection / Optimization

Having a background in both healthcare and telecom is rare. This explains why many call center managers are less-than-comfortable with how to leverage their current telecom technology to support operations. When you ask telecom vendors for help, the common reply is “You'll need to upgrade!”

We can translate telco-eze into plain language, and help maximize the use of your current system. If an upgrade is an option, we can also help with vendor criteria and selection. Another common request is Erlang C training, to match staffing to call volumes.

You might be Asking:

  • How can I work around our Telecom dept?
  • What does VOIP mean in English?
  • Can I get the service and reports I need from my current telco system?
  • What systems offer both telecom and answering service solutions?


“Ellis Smith was an invaluable asset to my company as we moved to development, design and implementation of the Medical Information Unit. His competent and constant involvement not only saved my company money in the end, but also proved to provide a product which exactly matched our program goals.”
Marsha Donovan, R.N.
Manager, Medical Information Unit
Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc.