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Sales and Marketing Services

The chicken or the egg? Do you train a healthcare person to sell, or train a salesperson the intricacies of healthcare decision making? 3CT believes in option #1 and teaches consultative sales skills to call center managers and key staff.

For call centers new to sales, we also recommend an evaluation and potential re-engineering of services to be value-added and offer competitive pricing strategies.

You might be Asking:

  • How do we sell our services to become revenue producing?
  • What customers do we target?
  • How do we sell against XX competitor?
  • In what ways can we differentiate our services?



“3CT (3CN) provided us the ideas, references and confidence to expand our nurse triage call center into a truly multifunctional customer relationship management program.  Prior to working with 3CT our call center ran at a deficit, now we are a break even cost center without even considering the downstream revenue we create.”
Andrew Hertz, MD
Medical Director, Rainbow Call Center
University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
Cleveland, OH