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Quality Initiatives

Sometimes an outside perspective is useful in improving the quality of your call center operation. Services can include assessment of staff hiring, development and evaluation processes; establishing benchmarks and proficiency metrics; process analysis / improvement; and consideration of various Accreditation and Certification programs.

You might be Asking:

  • Are we following best-practices?
  • Do our policies/ procedures minimize risk?
  • How do we prepare for URAC/NCQA accreditation?
  • Who can help us write policies?
  • Can they help our legal department defend our call?

"Sherry assisted my organization in preparation for our initial URAC site visit. We were obtaining our certification as a Health Call Center and for Disease Management. She guided us through collating of all our materials for our on-site visit and assisted us in preparing for the audit. Sherry was very low-key, allowing us to focus on the preparation, not the nerves associated with the site visit. We successfully achieved accreditation that first time, and have been continuously accredited for the past 6 years. Since her initial assistance, Sherry has always been available for a quick question, and willing to provide her expertise and guidance with telehealth or call center concerns."
Kimberly D. Tuck
President and CEO
NurseWise/Nurse Response
Centene Corporation

“I had the pleasure of working with Sherry Smith, RN MSN, MBA throughout Clinical Solutions' initial application for URAC accreditation of US content. She was professional, knowledgeable, organized, and educational.  She supported Clinical Solutions' staff in achieving a successful accreditation by providing guidance and clarification on standards and authoring, reviewing, and revision of policies and procedures to ensure compliancy with standards.  Additionally, she was easy to work with and enhanced my skills and knowledge in order to prepare me for future accreditations.  I would recommend Sherry and would definitely use her again should the need arise.”
Shelly Stickel, RN
Lead Technical Nurse
Clinical Solutions
Duluth, GA