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Operational Improvement

We’ve all been there: as soon as a service is in operation, someone demands that it be done better, faster, and for less dollars. 3CT is frequently hired to evaluate particular aspects of call center operations, recommend improvements and implement change. Most engagements begin with a Call Center Audit. Projects may focus on staff (efficiency, adherence), process improvement, cost / benefit analysis per service, and /or technology (telecom, software, Infrastructure).

You might be Asking:

  • Are we as efficient as we could be?
  • How do we best utilize use of staff for our service mix?
  • Have we optimized the software to support call process?



“3CT's (previously 3CN) consultative services were instrumental in assisting our organization's call center with managing several of our Telehealth processes. Evaluation of the current call center's infrastructure, review of departmental policies and procedures and recommendations that improve staffing efficiency as well as patient safety have helped with the services the call center provides to Seton. 3CT's clinical and management expertise continues to be a resource for our organization on a regular basis and is highly recommended.”
Travis Froehlich
Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
Seton Healthcare Family
Austin, TX